Extended 'Take Earth Back' Trailer for 'Mass Effect 3'

Mass Effect 3 Take Earth Back Extended Trailer

If you thought you'd seen all there was to see in the full "Take Earth Back" trailer for Mass Effect 3, BioWare has one final surprise in store. An extended cut of the trailer has just been released, showcasing the rapid process of Husk transformations and giving us a little more time in the quiet fields before the Reapers show up.

With Mass Effect 3 depicting the ultimate trials of mankind, who are fighting complete extinction, it's up to Commander Shepard to make the difference and save the galaxy.

The extended "Take Earth Back" trailer finally reveals what the Jason Statham-esque sniper from the Spike VGA reveal video was shooting at. Viewers can also witness soldiers fighting off husks in scenes which weren't previously included. The soldiers are involved in what seems to be an increasingly one-sided fight as the trailer goes on.

Without further ado, here's the extended version of humanity's effort to "Take Earth Back" in Mass Effect 3.


While we don't know why a lone Reaper would attack a farmhouse in the middle of a sunflower field (perhaps to stop a Plants vs. Zombies scenario from taking place?), it is possible that the Reaper was heading after an important target. After all, players learn in Mass Effect 2 that the Reapers have taken an active interest in anyone related to Commander Shepard -- perhaps players who chose the Earthborn background may have some distant family to protect. Until March 6th, however, we'll have no way of knowing, though it's safe to say that in Mass Effect 3, everyone on Earth -- regardless of their relation to Shepard -- is in grave danger.

For an even closer look than the extended trailer allows, the first portion of the demo will take players through the beginning of the Reaper invasion of Earth, leaving many questions unanswered: Did Hackett survive, even though he wasn't able to send out a single distress message? Will Earth last while Shepard goes to the Citadel? Why is Ashley's character so sexified? Again, we won't have our answers for a few weeks -- but just like the Reaper Invasion, they're coming.

Mass Effect 3 launches March 6, 2012, for Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Be warned that pre-ordering the game from Origin is no longer a great deal.

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