It may have been months since Commander Shepard gave the Reapers what they had coming – or didn’t – but the developers are promising that the adventure to save Earth – or not – is far from finished. The universe created in the series may be a rich one, but Mass Effect 3 is without a doubt Shepard’s story. As such, the story DLC being planned is looking to remain focused around the game’s hero specifically.

There goes our hopes for a Vega spin-off. Loco.

Mass Effect 3 has promised to do some interesting things with post-release story DLC, considering the finality of its many conclusions. The game’s Executive Producer Casey Hudson previously explained that the DLC would be fit into the campaign, so that any save from prior to the finale would be able to access it. That conceit – teased in the game’s closing moments following the ‘Stargazer’ epilogue – has been all we’ve had to go on to know what the team was considering for future content.

At Comic-Com, BioWare was on hand to tease one image for future DLC, and offer a bit more of an explanation of what fans can expect will be the focus. First, the image, courtesy of Joystiq:

Mass Effect 3 DLC Teaser Image

A mech on an alien landscape is nothing to go on, and especially not directly connected to the Leviathan DLC recently confirmed by the titular Reaper’s voice actor. Luckily Mass Effect 3 producer Mike Gamble opened up further on the studio’s plans, stopping any speculation about content following other fronts in the war besides Shepard’s before it could start:

“We want to do single-player DLC…We want to do single-player, maybe more multiplayer if people still play it….Mass Effect 3 is Shepard’s story, so the single-player DLC for Mass Effect 3 will probably focus around Shepard.”

The implied shot at Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer component is a bit confusing, considering just how much support it has received since launch. The Earth DLC brings new characters and settings to the game today, so hearing these somewhat pessimistic statements from Gamble may be a bad sign to the devoted fans.

Strangely though, Gamble went on to explain just how quickly the multiplayer caught on with the players. Perhaps…too quickly?

“We see people who have everything unlocked all the way up to level 20 on everything, plus all the mods, plus all of the gear, everything…It takes a lot of time, a lot of time to get that stuff, like hundreds and hundreds of hours of play to usually get up to that level. And some of these people had done it in the first month to two months…I expected people to shy away from the Vorcha because they’re Vorcha, but everyone seems to love to play with them.”

The Vorcha introduced with the Rebellion DLC have proved to be a big hit, with the offensive creatures’ visages populating most arenas these days. Fans obviously still have a few characters they’d like to see added – Elcor-mounted cannons? – so now would be a good time to speak up anywhere BioWare has a community developed. The fan desires have been known to shape Mass Effect DLC in the past, so have your voice heard now.

It’s a bit disappointing to hear that other aspects of the galaxy-wide Reaper invasion will only be seen in story DLC if Shepard is there to fight it, since it would have been interesting to see how other characters and races were faring in the meantime. Seriously, a Conrad Verner-centric campaign sells itself.

The teaser image hopefully implies that more Mass Effect 3 hints are incoming, so we’ll keep you updated as they drop.

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Source: Joystiq