Mass Effect 3 is a "Single Player Game" Says BioWare Forum Moderator

Mass Effect 3 - Single Player, No Co-Op

Confusion leading up to the announcement of Mass Effect 3 bred a variety of multiplayer-centric rumors. Would the announcement be for a spin-off, multiplayer only title? Would the announcement reveal an all new multiplayer component of Mass Effect 3? Where's the cooperative play already? Then, as Mass Effect 3 was officially revealed, the rumors persisted. The trailer, which featured a generic soldier fighting on the battleground of Earth, seemed to almost encourage the multiplayer rumors. As the search for answers continues, today's latest revelation is that Mass Effect 3 is indeed a "single player gamer" and will not likely feature any sort of cooperative play.

In response to a forum post that declared how cooperative play in Mass Effect 3 could never work, Volunteer Community Moderator Pacifien with:

"Now that Mass Effect 3 has been officially announced, I return to the age-old response to this topic: Mass Effect 3 is a single-player game. Thank you."

The obvious point is of course that a volunteer forum moderator should not be privy to company secrets, but Pacifien does seem confident in his statement. The other point is that single player games can also include a separate multiplayer system, a system that may contextually fit into the world established in the single player but has no bearing on the story or gameplay.

It's doubtful that anyone actually believed Mass Effect 3 would be anything other than a single player experience after it was officially announced. Though there are certainly some who would love to see cooperative play, but if Pacifien is to be trusted then co-op is as dead as Earth in a Renegade Shepard playthrough. So long to those dreams of duoing a Grunt+Shepard speed run with your best friend, or having intimate video game Shepard+Tali love scenes with your spouse.

Patience will be required for any multiplayer news. Two years is a very short development time to add any sort of multiplayer system. For comparisons sake, do you think Batman: Arkham City will be adding multiplayer? Unlikely, right?

What are your thoughts on Mass Effect going multiplayer, Ranters? Do you think this confirmation proves Mass Effect 3 will be single player only? Or do you not trust poor volunteer Pacifien?

Mass Effect 3 is set for a holiday release, potentially on November 8, and will be put out consequently on the PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Source: BioWare Forums

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