'Mass Effect 3' Screenshots Reveal New Enemies

Mass Effect 3 Screenshots Enemies

After what seemed like ages, the details on Mass Effect 3 just won't stop coming. the latest details come from a new batch of screenshots giving the first look at what enemies Commander Shepard will be facing in his efforts to save humanity. In case you were growing tired of taking on the same mech opponents and rabble of bounty hunters, these images should put you at ease.

After it was confirmed that Mass Effect 3 would be centered on war, it was left to fan imagination how alien warships and intelligent dreadnaughts could really be fought as easily as human opponents. Now it seems that Shepard won't just be taking on the Reaper threat in his efforts to recruit alien support for Earth's defense, and his new opponents have a very personal reason to wish Shepard dead.

At the end of Mass Effect 2, players had the choice of remaining loyal to the pro-human terrorist group Cerberus, or go rogue, failing to trust their extreme motives. It seems that Mass Effect 3's developers have a clear preference, as the latest images exclusive to Game Informer depict the Cerberus operatives who will be giving Shepard some serious headaches for the last third of his story.

We don't know how BioWare will explain the inevitable shift from ally to enemy, but with the game launching simultaneously on all platforms, they have to have all of their bases covered. The latest leaked details had mentioned new "ninja-style" Cerberus shock troops, and these new screenshots seem to show exactly that.

Cerberus mechs have also been confirmed, but we think you'll agree that these heavily armored soldiers seem perfect for the faster-paced combat Mass Effect 3 will be featuring. Take a look:

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Along with the images comes a few details, mainly that the action being depicted is taking place on the Salarian homeworld. Since there are still some variables concerning ME3's story depending on what choices were made in the first two games, these details can be fit into the overall story we know so far.

To gain allies for Earth in their war against the Reapers, Shepard will have to travel to various Council planets and convince them that humans are worth saving. With these screenshots, it looks like Cerberus will be doing everything they can to keep that from happening. Whether their motives are based merely on revenge, the disgusting thought of humans being saved by aliens, or another unknown story point is still a mystery.

Whatever the case, the varied types of enemies means promising things for just how useful the new weapon customization may prove to be, with certain additions being more effective on certain enemy types. If yet another opponent is being added to the existing roster of mercenaries and mechanized warriors, then BioWare is that much closer to delivering on their promise of a truly satisfying ending with Mass Effect 3.

What do you think of the new enemies? If you sided with Cerberus at the end of Mass Effect 2, how do you think the writers will work the change in allegiance into the overall story?

Mass Effect 3 will be released this November for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


Source: Game Informer

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