Over the weekend Mass Effect 3 players enjoyed Operation Shieldwall, another N7 Bounty event where the community was tasked with hitting the max level with character classes and promoting them into the single-player campaign as war assets. By doing three individually and 50,000 as a community, players would be rewarded with additional reinforcement packs.

That packs couldn’t come at a better time since today the second set of Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC is officially out. Say hello to the ugly bat-faced looking Vorcha with the Rebellion expansion.

Not only does Mass Effect 3: Rebellion add a pair of Vorcha in the Soldier and Sentinel categories, but also joining the Alliance roster are a pair of male Quarians (yes, that gender exists) and a pair of ex-Cerberus agents fighting for the right cause. The six characters bring with them three new weapons, two new maps and most importantly, another new objective for the one-mode multiplayer system and a new passive ability slot.

The electo-whips on the Cerberus agent, the flame thrower and that insta-explode shotgun are all powerful additions to the growing arsenal of weapons unlockable in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. They need to be unlocked through the in-game purchase of packs either with in-game credits or real money. Items are randomized however so there’s no guarantee on locking the characters or weapons you’re specifically gunning for (pun not intended).

Opening up the class system to include more aliens species – like the Batarians that came with the Resurgence DLC – and now the Vorcha are great to see and we hope that eventually translates to new enemy types. The most important features of the DLC are the new mode and ability however. Most of the buffs, whether they be for ammo or powers, etc., expire after one mission, unlike the campaign, but the new gear slot offers what BioWare describes as a  persistent gameplay bonus that players can keep.

Be sure to read the full breakdown of all the content coming with Mass Effect 3: Rebellion. In other ME3 news, the 1.03 patch is on its way, fixing a large variety of bugs and glitches found in single-player and multiplayer.

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 as is the free DLC.

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