While BioWare has already outlined a pretty substantial run of post-release content for Mass Effect 3, most of that DLC will feature storylines that run concurrent to the game’s main campaign rather than after the game’s extremely controversial ending(s). However that isn’t stopping one Mass Effect fan from following up BioWare’s highly anticipated sequel with a game of their own.

Unlike Mass Effect 3, though, this game, titled Finding Shepard is a point-and-click adventure in the same vein as many of the 8-bit titles of yesteryear. The game is still currently in development, but some screenshots from Finding Shepard have been released on the Adventure Game Studios forums to give fans a taste of what user Nightfable is up to.

The story of Finding Shepard, since it follows the ending of Mass Effect 3, could be considered a spoiler, so turn back now if you’ve yet to figure out why everyone is upset and sending cupcakes.

In Finding Shepard, players will assume the role of Jack, one of the main squad mates from Mass Effect 2, who played a smaller role in Mass Effect 3. Jack is on a mission to find out what befell Shepard after choosing to wipe out the Reaper fleet, all the while pointing and clicking their way through some iconic Mass Effect scenery, only rendered in 16-bit.

The canon created for Finding Shepard works in the universe where the ‘destroy ending’ is what the player chose, and thus Commander Shepard has some chance of being alive. Nightfable promises that along with Jack, Finding Shepard will also feature some other familiar faces like Miranda, Wrex, and Kasumi (I’m guessing in their play through those characters survived).

Essentially Finding Shepard is one Mass Effect fan’s way of coping with the unsatisfying resolution that was the ending to Mass Effect 3. While BioWare has already released the Extended Cut DLC in an effort to placate those disgruntled fans, it could be argued that even a few extra scenes wasn’t enough.

We like what Nightfable is doing, and look forward to playing through their version of some post-game DLC.

What do you think of Finding Shepard, the point-and-click, fan-created adventure set after the events of Mass Effect 3? Will you be seeking this game out when it releases?

Source: AGS Forums