Another two weeks have passed by and so another Mass Effect 3 N7 Bounty Weekend is coming this weekend. BioWare shared the official details on the upcoming multiplayer event on their official blog, labeling this one Operation Savage.

Unlike the June 8th-10th Operation Mastiff – an event that went under the radar thanks to E3 – which required players take advantage of the new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer characters and mission objective that came with the Rebellion DLC pack, Operation Savage gives the community a simpler objective of killing the basic enemies, and lots of them.

Below are the details and thankfully this op doesn’t require a certain about of promoted characters or Banshee kills – the latter being one event task the community failed to complete back in Operation Silencer. The individual/squad goal again requires a certain combination of player classes, two races of which must be unlocked from the Rebellion and Resurgence DLC.


  • Allied Goal: Eliminate 7,000,000 trooper-level enemies: Cerberus Assault Trooper, Husks, Cannibals, Geth Troopers.
  • Squad Goal: Extraction on any difficulty with the squad using a mix of krogan, vorcha, or batarian classes.


  • Successful completion of the allied goal will grant all players a Victory Pack.
  • Successful completion of the squad goal will grant all squadmates a Commendation Pack.

Special Circumstance:

  • None.

Seeing as how the Game Rant crew missed out on Operation Mastiff due to E3 we plan on jumping in on this one. If you’re interested as well, the event starts Friday, June 22 at 6PM PST and runs until Monday, June 25 at 5AM PST. This Operation will be playable on all platforms.

Have you unlocked any Batarians or the newer Vorcher characters yet? If so, what’s your preference between them and Krogans?

If you’ve unlocked them all or are again getting tired of the maps and characters – there’s even more DLC on the way! Read the leaked Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC details to find out more.

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and will later be available on the Wii U.

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