'Mass Effect 3' Operation Raptor N7 Bounty Weekend Details [Updated]

Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor

Update: Operation Raptor was a success!

Last week's Operation Fortress weekend event for Mass Effect 3 granted all players a 25% bonus on all experience points earned. While unlike Operation Goliath the week prior, there were no Victory Packs or Commendation Packs rewarded, Operation Fortress was meant to help players level up their character classes for the following event that BioWare only hinted at briefly on their blog.

Today, that event becomes official: Operation Raptor kicks off Friday, giving players a new Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenge. Max out your characters, recruit them as war assets in the single-player campaign, and earn more in-game items.

Much like Operation Goliath, there are two separate awards that can be won, one earned individually and one as a community if the entire "Alliance" succeeds. Goliath involved players having to defeat the Reapers and survive extraction on Silver difficulty with the Allied goal of the entire community taking down a million brutes over the weekend. We took down over 3 million and all Mass Effect 3 players earned a Victory pack, with those who also beat the Silver challenge earning a Commendation pack which includes one exclusive N7 weapon, not otherwise available in the multiplayer.

This weekend works much the same and here are the individual and Allied challenges:

  • Allied Goal: Promote 150,000 characters. Victory Packs awarded to all players upon successful completion.
  • Individual Goal: Promote 2 characters. Commendation Pack awarded to individual players upon successful completion

Similar to Operation Fortress, there will also be an experience bonus in effect, adding a 10% XP bonus to all accomplishments during the weekend.

The official timeframe has Operation Raptor beginning 5 PM PST Friday, March 30 and running until 5 AM PST Monday, April 2. Hop online, and help Commander Shepard (and all of the players wanted a Victory pack) out, that is if you're a non-PS3 player...

At the moment, the operations are only available on PC and Xbox 360, but BioWare/EA are working with Sony to try and get them enabled there as well. If not getting Mass Effect 1 wasn't bad enough...

If you participated in Operation Goliath, let us know what N7 weapon you unlocked and which one you want this time? For me, I was able to get the N7 Valiant sniper rifle (my new Infiltrator weapon of choice) from the Commendation pack and conveniently, a Widow sniper rifle from the Victory pack.

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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