Mass Effect 3: Operation Raptor Was A Success

Mass Effect 3 Operation Raptor

Listen up, Alliance recruits. Operation Goliath marked a major victory against the Reaper Brutes two weeks ago and participating combatants received an N7 addition to their armories. This weekend we have confirmed another battle won. Operation Raptor was a success.

Each weekend BioWare and Electronic Arts are hosting Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenges and events online (for PC and Xbox 360 players, anyway) where additional in-game items or bonus experience points can be earned. This weekend hosted the second set of N7 Bounty Weekend where players could earn Victory packs and Commendation packs for accomplishing community and individual tasks, respectively. And that they did.

BioWare proudly posted on the official Mass Effect 3 blog today that the community succeeded in recruiting 150,000 multiplayer character classes into their single-player campaigns. Actually, they managed to level up and recruit over 350,000, destroying the objective and earning all players a Victory pack.

Players who on their own managed to recruit two classes also earned themselves a Commendation pack which offers one exclusive N7 weapon. If you completed these objectives and are concerned that they've not showed up in game, BioWare says it should available no later than tomorrow, Wednesday April 4, 2012.

Here's word from Admiral Hackett himself, on the status of our war efforts.

Soldiers of the Milky Way,

I am pleased at the number of promotions achieved during Operation RAPTOR. The influx of veterans and leaders is already proving invaluable in our fight against the Reapers.

While our comrades spread across the galaxy to carry on the fight, you must reconstitute your forces and bring new fighters to the fore. The N7 cadre has never been an easy calling, but your guts and determination have made you the most feared fighting force the Alliance has ever known. Prepare yourself; there will be more challenges in our future. Good fortune favors the prepared mind… and arsenal.

—Admiral Hackett

The challenges will continue this weekend with Operation Beachhead, scheduled for April 6th- 8th. BioWare advises players that high level characters will be needed so we can hope that it's another challenge for in-game rewards and not simply another bonus XP event like last weekend's Operation Fortress.

With BioWare promising major DLC announcements at PAX which also takes place this weekend, we can hope for more multiplayer content in the near future.

See you on the battlefield. You won't see me because I'm an Infiltrator...

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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