The bad news: Operation Broadside, the Mass Effect 3┬áBounty Weekend that took place earlier this month, and required gamers to play on the multiplayer’s gold difficulty, was a failure. The good news: there’s another Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekend, this one titled Operation Overwatch, right around the corner

It seems like with every challenging multiplayer operation that BioWare rolls out, they begin to see players aren’t as dedicated to the polarizing game’s multiplayer as they’d like to believe. That’s why Operation Overwatch is a piece of cake.

The only real stipulation for completing Overwatch is that players download the Earth DLC that was recently released for the game. From there it’s up to the gamers still invested in Mass Effect 3 to extract as many squad members as possible in order to complete the allied goal and earn themselves a Victory Pack. Inside that Victory Pack will be the usual selection of special weapons and health packs, along with one of the Earth DLC’s new playable characters.

The other squad-focused goal is a little more challenging to complete, but only because it requires that extraction be completed with at least one of the squad members playing as the aforementioned Earth character class. By now plenty of gamers have unlocked any one of the six new characters, but getting into a match with one of them, if they aren’t one of your friends, could prove difficult.

Luckily, as an added bonus because of Operation Broadside’s failure, BioWare has lengthened the extraction time. Meaning, if you can’t get it done for Operation Overwatch, BioWare’s probably going to have to unveil an even easier Bounty Weekend in two weeks.

Operation Overwatch begins this Friday, the 27th at 10AM PDT, and runs until July 30th at 5AM. As you might assume, the Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC, which also includes a handful of new maps and weapons, must be installed for players to earn either the Commendation Pack or the Victory Pack.

Have you been participating in the biweekly Mass Effect 3 Bounty Weekends? Are there any of the Earth DLC characters that you hope to unlock with your Victory Pack?

Source: BioWare