Haven’t played Mass Effect 3 in a while? We don’t blame you. The controversy surrounding the conclusion to the game, and hence, the series, has long died down and the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC has played its part in attempting to answer some of the hanging questions fans of the trilogy had.

Now it’s time to look forward to new content. The first single-player, story-based DLC (Leviathan) releases next week and for players anxious to jump back into the space boots of Commander Shepard, they can practice up in this weekend’s Mass Effect 3 multiplayer event.

This weekend’s N7 Bounty Weekend, titled Operation: Alloy began today and runs all weekend. Below are the details:

Operation ALLOY (August 24th 11AM MDT — August 26th 5AM MDT)

A training center will only take a recruit so far. Our recruits need field experience, so it’s time to integrate them with seasoned squads during our next series of sweeps.

  • Individual Goal: Promote 2 characters
  • Allied Goal: Promote 50,000 characters

Special Circumstance: None

  • Individual Goal Success: All players awarded a Commendation Pack
  • Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack and an increase to medi-gel capacity

Instead of the usual bonus packs of randomized items, the community goal also grants players the permanent increase in medi-gel capacity, a very significant reward for players who play on gold difficulty.

For active players still enjoying ME3’s multiplayer offerings, there’s more new content on the way. During a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) that took place during Gamescom, several BioWare employees carefully answered questions regarding future DLC. Leviathan is the first of potentially many bits of single-player content, but there’s more multiplayer DLC on the way as well, potentially adding another enemy faction.

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Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 and the Leviathan DLC releases on August 28th. ME3 will release on the Wii U this holiday season.

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Source: BioWare