Nearly nine full months after the release of Mass Effect 3, and the subsequent “ending controversy,” BioWare is set to deliver the second post-launch single player DLC. Fans will remember that “From Ashes,” which saw Shepard recover a long-hibernating Prothean ally, was offered alongside the game’s launch back in March while “Leviathan,” a mission to find a mysterious reaper-killer, released on August 28th. The Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” merely fleshed-out the game’s endings with only minor tweaks to actual gameplay.

In “Omega,” Shepard teams with infamous Asari gangster Aria T’Loak to liberate fan-favorie Mass Effect 2 locale Omgea from Cerberus control.

“Omega” isn’t positioned to offer as much intriguing insight into the larger Mass Effect universe as “From Ashes” (which gave players a look at the final days of the Protheans) and “Leviathan” (which added an extra layer to the Reaper origins); however, there’s no doubt that returning characters like Aria and an intriguing new party member, Nyreen Kandros, a female Turian warrior, set in one of the series’ most compelling (and shady) locales should make for a worthy detour.

As we predicted a long time ago, prior to the announcement of the “Retaliation” DLC pack, the trailer also brings a new enemy type to Mass Effect 3 single player. While fans might first mistake the new enemy as a variation of either the Collector Scion or Reaper Cannibal, the creature is actually a twisted Cerberus-controlled Reaper, known as the Adjutant. In the Mass Effect comics, the Adjutant are husk-like creatures with the capability of “infecting” other organisms with Reaper technology.

Exactly how the enemies will factor into the “Omega” DLC is unclear – as is how BioWare intends to use their powers to mixup the gameplay and provide fresh surprises in the DLC offering. Maybe the Illusive Man provided the chapter’s primary antagonist, Oleg Petrovsky, with the Adjutant in order to capture and secure Omega? Regardless, there’s no doubt that when Shepard discovers Adjutant on Omega, he’ll be even more motivated to purge the place of Cerberus and Reaper control.

Mass Effect 3 Adjutant Enemy

Players should plan on leaving their regular teammates aboard the Normandy, as both Aria and Nyreen act as squad members for the Omega DLC storyline. At this point it’s unclear whether or not either character can be recruited as a permanent squadmate once the DLC is complete – though the “romantic” moment between Aria and Shepard seems to hint that the gangster could join the Commander’s entourage. Either way players won’t walk away empty-handed – with plenty of loot to grab during the mission (an Assault Rifle Thermal Scope and Shotgun Omni-Blade, among other weapon mods).

“Omega” certainly sounds poised to be an action-packed DLC story expansion with a number of fresh and compelling ties to the larger Mass Effect universe. It might not be the most exciting DLC entry in the series but “Omega” should be a fun diversion with plenty of fan service included. Stay tuned to GameRant for our review of the DLC as well as details on future Mass Effect 3 add-on installments.

“Omega” will be available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 version of the game for $15. Despite Nintendo marketing the Mass Effect 3 Special Edition as the “definitive” experience, there are currently no plans for a Wii U “Omega” release.

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The Mass Effect 3 “Omega” DLC will be available for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 version of the game for $15.

Source: IGN