New 'Mass Effect 3' Details Coming This Week

Mass Effect 3 New Details Coming Bratislava Expo

The Mass Effect series has quickly become one of the top gaming franchises of this generation. Both games were a unique combination of a sci-fi shoot-em-up and a western RPG, helping to bring in fans of both genres and see what each is missing out on. Mass Effect 3 is on its way, and beyond the release date, and the breathtaking trailer shown off at Spike's VGAs last year, it's been a while since any news has dropped.

That's set to change this week, as EA has promised that new information about the game will be revealed. The reveal is set to take place at the Bratislava Game Expo, which starts this Friday, March 18th. Beyond that, little information has surfaced, leaving fans to speculate as to what will be revealed at the expo.

We've put together everything we know about Mass Effect 3, so we're aware that the game is set to take place on Earth, but some other major details are still wrapped in secrecy. Sure the overall plot can be assumed, but how that will be fleshed out in terms of actual gameplay is still mysterious.

Who are the enemies? Is it the Reapers' direct attack? Will the Collectors appear again? What about your allies? Will the ones you made in the last two games still carry over into the third? Will our relationship choices amount to more than dialogue or cut-scenes?

What about the gameplay itself? Will the game mechanics change at all? If so, why would it? What do you think the odds are that they'll keep us hanging for Mass Effect 4?

The very small amount of confirmed information we have in regards to Mass Effect 3 is sure to keep gamers glued to their computers for anything that may surface at the Bratislava Game Expo. Although, that in itself may be questionable.

The original text that mentioned this reveal, "exkluzivni informace o Mass Effect 3" may have been mistranslated, according to EA. It was originally believed to mean "exclusive info on Mass Effect 3," but now that's been called into question, so it's anybody's guess what details will be revealed.

Will there be new information revealed at the Expo, or is this just a mistake by EA? If there is new info on the way, what will it be about? The story? The gameplay? Or will we have a brand new trailer to take in? Whatever the case, we'll bring you the details.

Mass Effect 3 is rumored to be released on November 8, 2011, for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Source: CVG

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