BioWare Reveals 'Mass Effect 3' Online Pass; Trailer Details Multiplayer

Following in the footsteps of just about every other EA game to date, Mass Effect 3 will require players to input an online pass in order to access the mutliplayer portion of the RPG-shooter. As is the case with previous titles, the online passes will only come bundled with new copies of the game, meaning those who plan to purchase the title used will need to pay an unspecified amount in order to access the multiplayer component. This is of course, EA’s way to circumvent “lost” sales from second hand titles.

Players that do have an online pass however, will be able to access Mass Effect 3‘s Galaxy at War game mode, a four player co-op game type that will allow players to team up with three other friends and engage in gameplay that can have an impact on the single player story.

In essence, the more experience a player has in multiplayer, the better (in terms of the game’s canon, not quality) their ending will be. BioWare has stated that players who want the optimum ending won’t need to play multiplayer in order to achieve it – though the co-op game mode is one way to help Shepard prepare for the Mass Effect 3 end-game (for those who choose to partake).

Multiplayer details have been rolling in, including confirmation that the co-op mode won’t feature key characters from the single player – and will instead allow players to customize different classes, races, etc. A bit unfortunate as it’s just about every Mass Effect fans dream to play as Garrus – even if it means you’ll have to listen to a 12 year old kid yelling insults online. For a full list of confirmed co-op details – check out

Check out the latest installment of BioWare Pulse “Special Edition!” for a look at the multiplayer mode in action:


For players worried that the addition of multiplayer will take away from the singleplayer campaign, BioWare assures us that the team that is working on the multiplayer portion is separate from the singleplayer team, meaning that no assets were needlessly thrown away. Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer may turn out to be amazing but with so little shown it’s hard to judge whether or not BioWare will be able to craft something as robust as the single player – though it is fair for gamer’s to be cautiously optimistic.

Online passes, however, can be a pain – as they are detrimental to those who buy their games second hand as well as new buyers. When the PlayStation Store was down earlier this year, PS3 owners of Portal 2 and DiRT 3 were unable to play online because they could not redeem their online passes. In addition, there was an issue with online passes for F.E.A.R 3 which caused many to be without the multiplayer portion until the issue was resolved.

What do you think of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer? Will you still be buying the game even though there will be an online pass?

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6th, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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Source: Joystiq