Mass Effect gamers were skeptical of BioWare’s inclusion of multiplayer in the highly-anticipated, and now especially divisive, Mass Effect 3. No doubt plenty of players continue to avoid the mode at all costs, as if it would be blasphemy to enjoy the Mass Effect mechanics as anything but a single player venture; still, loads of gamers have become addicted to the mode – investing countless hours in experimenting with the various character load-outs and leveling up classes. That success is due, in large part, to BioWare’s support of the online mode by way of special weekends that offered XP bonuses and chances for rare weaponry.

Now, after over a month of steady Mass Effect 3 multiplayer events, the developer is taking a break from hosting weekly special “Operations” – pushing to an every other week schedule.

According to a recent post on the official BioWare Blog, the team is decreasing the frequency of the promotions – to ensure that they’re creating the best experiences possible for players who are still actively fighting Cerberus, Reapers, and Geth in the various sectors of the galaxy. While the approach of quality over quantity is certainly admirable, some hardcore Mass Effect fans may be bummed to find out that the updated schedule starts immediately – meaning that there will be no “Operation” this weekend:

“This weekend, April 20-22, we will not be hosting an N7 Operation. Moving forward we will be offering our N7 Operations every other weekend. We realize that we have thousands of N7 operators, and this new cadence will allow us to create and execute the best possible Operations for the community.”

That said, BioWare is already teasing the next event, “Operation Exorcist” – which will be scheduled for the following weekend (April 27-29):

“Make sure you prepare your multiplayer squad because next weekend, April 27-29, is Operation Exorcist. The Alliance needs the best, we will show the enemy no mercy.”

Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Batarian Geth Justicar

The posting also mentions to keep an eye on, and for “cool upcoming features” – including “an update from the Alliance News Network” this very weekend. Exactly what the update posting will contain is anyone’s guess at this point – as it could merely be clarification on Operation Exorcist or possibly a tease for what to expect from BioWare’s commitment to “the best possible Operations for the community.”

Of course, it’s always feasible that the developer will unveil plans for further DLC (maps, characters, and weaponry) or an entirely new enemy faction (i.e. bring back the Collectors); though, don’t get too excited, as a content announcement would probably be premature at this point.

As for Operation Exorcist, we’ll certainly know more soon (very likely in the aforementioned weekend update) but could we be seeing a variation on Operation Goliath (which challenged the community to kill 1 million Reaper Brutes)? Maybe this time we’ll be tasked with dispatching 1 million Reaper Banshees, instead?

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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Source: BioWare