Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC to Add New Species & Classes [Updated]

Mass Effect 3 Batarian DLC

[Update: This DLC was confirmed through the free Resurgence Pack DLC.]

For gamers following all of the Mass Effect 3 news closely, the thought of DLC is synonymous with controversy. The day one 'From Ashes' DLC, suffice to say, left quite a few peeved for not only spoiling a part of the game but for not coming built into the launch product while some of it was installed on the disc.

The same could be said for Mass Effect 3 adding multiplayer to the franchise as some thought it would hurt the single-player campaign (and it may have, for the game's ending), while others share concerns over how it impacts the single-player campaign through the 'Galaxy at War' system. What if we told you there were multiplayer DLC on the way? Uh oh.

The four player co-op mode in Mass Effect 3 actually turned out to be quite fun, and a lot of us at Game Rant have been playing it fairly regularly. What makes it fun are how for the first time in the series, players can take control over non-human characters, while earning credits and experience to unlock weapons, mods and other characters through the progression system. Outside of that however, the mode feels tacked on and rather limited, only featuring one type of gameplay and six maps taken from the campaign. Not much was put into it so we all knew after playing it that it's there to sell more DLC down the road.

In fact, if you have played it, you will have noticed that microtransactions have shamefully been added to the 'packs' so players with dollars to spare can purchase Veteran and Spectre packs without having to earn the credits through playing the game.

On Reddit, an image taken from a Facebook profile of someone with access to the Mass Effect 3 on a devkit reveals what will be downloadable characters not currently in the game, both of species including playable Batarians and Geth, and new classes including Justicars and Battlemasters. What these could be are download codes tied into the Mass Effect 3 merchandise like the upcoming action figures which each come with a code that adds something to multiplayer. Take a look:

Mass Effect 3 multiplayer DLC

If you're still curious about the game, read our Mass Effect 3 review.


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Source: Reddit

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