The launch trailer for Mass Effect 3‘s Leviathan DLC is finally here, even if the extra story content doesn’t arrive until next week. Nevertheless, the trailer shows a few hints at just what’s in store with Shepard’s new mission. Predictably, what’s in store is lots of gunfire, large and small enemies, and more than a few explosions.

And water. Oh yes, there will be water. Plenty of it, in fact.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you enjoy surprises) the trailer for Mass Effect 3‘s first story expansion doesn’t offer much more information or clarification on exactly how the DLC will illuminate existing parts of the game series’ mythology. Previous artwork had confirmed that players would, indeed, be heading deep underwater to investigate the titular Leviathan. Rather than yet another massive enemy, the as-yet-unspecified creature or construct that exists below the surface of the waterlogged planet is capable of killing a Reaper.

As previously stated, that’s all that’s really known about the DLC where story is concerned. BioWare had previously claimed that new characters and gripping storylines would also be introduced alongside the underwater gameplay, and the woman seen in the trailer is likely one such addition. Exactly how she fits in is also unclear, but considering the role played by the last mystery woman in Mass Effect 2‘s Arrival DLC, anything is possible.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan Trailer

The minor details released with the trailer explain that Shepard will be racing head-to-head with the Reapers to find Leviathan, confirming the significant threat it poses to the sentient dreadnaughts. That is evidenced in the gameplay footage, with Shepard once again thrown up against Brutes, Husks, and the ever-ear-piercing Banshees.

Regardless of how finding Leviathan will impact the events of a game that most players have already finished, it will be a good sign of what BioWare has in mind with future story DLC as well. There are already rumors of the next singleplayer DLC returning players to Omega, but that also opposes basic plot beats of Mass Effect 3‘s campaign as well.

The idea of player exploits and adventures being framed as ‘fairy tales of The Shepard’ (one established in ME3‘s Stargazer epilogue) certainly works around players who sacrificed the lives of their character, but also comes with a few risks. If these extra missions or quests are as detached from the series’ main events as they very well might be, then campaign DLC could quickly lose momentum. With only three missions contained in Leviathan, let’s hope the developers have enough story to keep fans happy.

Mass Effect 3‘s Leviathan DLC will be released on August 28, 2012 for $9.99 on Xbox Live, PSN and on PC.

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