Those gamers who were hoping for more story DLC to go along with Mass Effect 3‘s regularly-updated multiplayer content are in luck. It seems that the rumored ‘Leviathan’ campaign DLC has been confirmed by one of the offering’s voice actors, implying previous details are also accurate.

Not to be left out in the cold, the multiplayer ‘Earth’ DLC pack has also been confirmed to be releasing for Xbox 360, free of charge, on July 17, 2012.

Following the release of Mass Effect 3‘s Extended Cut DLC, a slight hint from the developers appeared that fans need not worry, as the increased attention on bringing Shepard’s story to a close hadn’t slowed their creation of campaign DLC. Soon after, the files of the improved conclusions were investigated, unlocking hints at a strange new chapter in the Reaper mythology.

Introducing a new Reaper named Leviathan, who has turned on his own race of sentient machines, the DLC promises to shed much more light on the mysterious robot army. With hints that Leviathan is pursuing his own ends, and that the Reapers’ creators may have survived, the DLC is looking to be a must-play for serious fans. Whether this increased focus will answer some of our nagging questions remains to be seen, but should be a nice call-back to the Mass Effect exchange between Shepard and Sovereign.

According to Eurogamer, the existence of the DLC has now been confirmed by video game voice actor Anthony Skordi, lending his vocal talents to the titular Reaper. Whether the voice work being completed means the actual DLC is anywhere close to being completed is a mystery, but some extended content that is actually worth playing would be refreshing.

Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC Multiplayer

As for those players who were sad to see BioWare‘s depiction of a futuristic Earth act only as bookends to ME3‘s campaign, the Earth multiplayer DLC looks to be the largest single expansion for the game’s cooperative component. Confirmed on Major Nelson’s blog as releasing on Xbox Live on July 17 for no additional charge, official details are hard to come by.

The previously leaked information shows that this multiplayer DLC is bringing a lot more to the table than the regular weekend events BioWare has been putting into place. Have a look at what ‘Earth’ will be adding:

  • Rio de Janeiro, Vancouver & London maps
  • Piranha Assault Shotgun
  • Acolyte Pistol
  • Typhoon Light Machine Gun
  • Six new human classes: Destroyer, Paladin, Demolisher, Slayer, Shadow &¬†Fury

What each of the new classes will be bringing hasn’t been detailed, but if the DLC is going to be landing in a week’s time, expect an official release from BioWare on what to expect. Adding on to Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer portion is an absolute necessity if the game is to retain popularity. The new Earth locations alone are enough to get science fiction fans back playing, so hopefully this is just the beginning.

Xbox 360 owners of Mass Effect 3 can download the ‘Earth’ DLC for free come July 17, 2012. The ‘Leviathan’ story DLC has ye to be officially announced.

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Source: Eurogamer, Major Nelson (via Kotaku)