Those of you who have followed Game Rant’s coverage of Mass Effect 3 up to this point, are probably well aware of the existence of Patryk Olejniczak, a Polish artist and Mass Effect superfan who is responsible for creating some of the most impressive Mass Effect fan art we’ve ever seen. His artwork has been featured on the site twice in fact. The first time his work was featured as a GR Pick, and the second time his work was shown alongside the works of other diehard fansĀ in our Mass Effect 3 art gallery.

Yesterday, Olejniczak unveiled the latest in his run of character art promoting Mass Effect 3. The subject of the piece is everyone’s favorite Geth, Legion. I remember lamenting the fact that Legion comes into the Mass Effect 2‘s story kind of late. Almost too late for any real in-depth interactions. Still, the decisions made surrounding Legion are perhaps some of the coolest the game had to offer. The Legion painting (posted below and used as the banner for this post) gives the Geth warrior a more fearsome look and the background of the image appears ghostly as a juxtaposition.

Olejniczak states that this look is intentional as he wanted to remind everyone that Legion is rather monstrous, and not the typical ally-type for Commander Shepard.

“I let myself introducing (sic) some changes of my own in Legion’s apperance: Generally I tried to give him a bit more haunting and hostile look. A little reminder that he is not a lamp but one deadly and useful ally.”

In case anyone had forgotten that Legion was deadly, remember that he’s the only character capable of using that monster sniper rifle outside of Shepard! Click to enlarge:

ME3 Legion Fan Art

If you browse through Olejniczak’s work, it’s easy to see why BioWare may have hired him as an artist as some outlets are reporting. That is not the case, but he did win the San Diego Comic-Con fan art contest which earned him a chance to do a few commissioned works for them.

If you want to get a higher res version you can obtain it from Olejniczak’s Deviant Art page along with any other images from his impressive portfolio. Mass Effect 3 is slated for release sometime in early 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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