With Mass Effect 3 getting closer and closer by the day, our minds are racing over just what the developers have in store to bring the trilogy to a close. While using our imaginations is all well and good, nothing beats images of the game in action to grasp what changes BioWare is making to the formula. The latest batch of screenshots not only give a sense of the increased combat intensity, but show a few more familiar faces that will be accompanying players in their quest to save humanity.

We’ve heard details on the changes being made to Mass Effect 3‘s weapon systems, bringing back some customization elements that were largely removed from the second game in the series. Each player’s weapon now has the potential to be uniquely their own, which will add to the ability to choose one’s own play style.

For those who haven’t been keeping up to date on the story and plot details of ME3, let us remind you that Shepard won’t just be dealing with random mercenary groups this time around, but highly trained and highly deadly Cerberus operatives. The new enemies will be changing the pace of the game considerably, with BioWare already promising far more fast-paced shooting and melee combat.

While the screenshots can only give a sense of that speed, we don’t have any actual gameplay footage, so they’ll have to do. Even in these brief glimpses of combat, it’s blatantly clear that the combat will be far more dangerous. Luckily, Shepard won’t be alone. Check them out now:

Aside from offering another look at the Cerberus Assassins and Commandos that will be tracking Shepard across the galaxy, these Mass Effect 3 gameplay screenshots clearly show that the moment to moment combat of the game could be vastly more expanded than fans may expect. With the addition of customized weapons and powerful melee attacks, players may feel far more involved in each skirmish, as opposed to sitting on the sidelines.

Liara has clearly spent some time at the firing range, although her preference of pistols over assault rifles is just as apparent now as it was in Mass Effect. The image that will likely cause the greatest stir is that of Admiral Anderson, having traded his council robes for combat armor. Nothing has been confirmed plot-wise for Anderson, but his presence is likely not a coincidence.

If the various races of the Citadel Council take the same head-in-the-sand approach to the Reaper attack on Earth as they did in the last two games, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Anderson abandon the group to aid humanity’s defense. Earth isn’t exactly on fantastic terms with their alien neighbors, so such a move could have some serious story implications.

Are these screenshots showing the kind of style and action you hope to see in Mass Effect 3? Or do they just make the wait until November that much harder?

We’ll keep you up to date on all Mass Effect 3 news until the game releases across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC sometime this fall.

Source: GamingEverything