GR Pick [Video]: Mass Effect 3 Unnecessarily Censored

Mass Effect 3 Censored

Since Mass Effect 3 debuted nearly two weeks ago to some of the most eager and passionate fans a video game franchise could wish for, the buzz for the game and developer BioWare has taken a turn for the worse. From complaints about how BioWare handled the character of Tali and day one DLC, to an error-filled save import system and of course, an ending that left players scratching their heads - a game that struck a positive chord among critics is being balanced out by the community uproar.

So, after writing mostly about fan-rage against certain elements of Mass Effect 3 for the last little while, it's time to focus on something a little lighter and a little more fun.

Whether or not the ending of Mass Effect 3 was a failure for you, there's no questioning that the writing behind the Mass Effect 3 is some of the best the industry has ever seen. So, what if a few of those scripted words were absent, censored out? Let your mind fill in the blanks.


You have a sick mind.

This hilarious episode of 'Unnecessary Censorship' comes from Normal Difficulty Gaming on YouTube.

Continuing on the theme of happiness and joy in relation to Mass Effect, this weekend saw the first ever Mass Effect 3 community event where players can unlock a few in-game multiplayer extras by succeeding in a specific challenge against the Reapers. If you've not participated, it ends at 5AM PST Monday, March 19, 2012.

And for those upset or concerned about the game's ending, BioWare promises they are listening and that they will respond when more players have completed the game. They also say that DLC will shape itself based on fan feedback so use your opinions for the greater good; share your ideas and if you're feeling generous, give to the 'Retake Mass Effect' Child's Play charity drive - a prime example of gamers rallying for a greater cause.

Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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