Anyone who’s put enough time in for Mass Effect 2 has no doubt logged at least one playthrough as the female version of Commander Shepard. The female variation on the game’s protagonist has seen much praise, owing much to the voice acting of Jennifer Hale. Due to the popularity of the variation of the character, Mass Effect 3 will be seeing a different design for FemShep, one which the fans will have a hand in deciding. So far, blonde is the most popular choice.

Six designs for FemShep were released by BioWare for fan consideration and voting to see which model would be making the final cut of Mass Effect 3. The love for FemShep doesn’t just stop at model voting as a Mass Effect 3 trailer featuring her was released, as well.

Since voting began, the blonde variation of Shepard seems to have resonated the most with fans, receiving (at the time of this writing) a whopping 28,258 votes, with the competitor, the tanned and dark-haired, receiving 11,476.

Mass Effect 3 Female Shepard 5

If you hadn’t attempted a game of Mass Effect 2 with the female Shepard, you will definitely find yourself pleasantly surprised. Jennifer Hale adds a very unique take on certain situations and the approach of the character that the male Shepard (voiced by Mark Meer)… lacks. Not to mention, the FemShep romances are entirely more comedic than the more serious tones of the male.

Mass Effect 3, like any other BioWare game, is all about choice. Whether it be destroying the last of a race of alien vermin or blowing up a station that could secure humanity’s strength in the entire galaxy, Mass Effect games have always been about choice. In fact, you might even be doing yourself a disservice by not trying out the game with FemShep. It’s like playing and seeing the game in a brand new light. Besides, it’s not like you won’t have plenty of time to do it.

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

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Source: BioWare Facebook