In a surprise twist on what we expect from publishers and developers of triple-A games, BioWare announced not long after the release of Mass Effect 3 that they would directly address some of the game’s negative feedback by releasing free single-player DLC to expand and flesh out the game’s conclusion. Despite highly favorable reviews, some of the critical response – including in our own ME3 review – called out the game’s ending as a letdown.

Much of the community agreed (check out this poll) and voiced strongly online, which gave rise to various petitions and efforts to gain the attention of BioWare and convince them to “change” the ending. Instead, they decided to expand on what was there and give fans some of the answers and explanations they were looking for with the Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut DLC. The new content is available now, and if you don’t care about spoilers or don’t want to play it yourself, you can see all of the new Mass Effect 3 endings below.

We can debate forever on why Mass Effect 3 needs a new ending or why it doesn’t (and we did), but BioWare has their reasons and a lot of it has to do with simply pleasing more fans. While ME3 was meant to conclude the story of Commander Shepard, the universe and series will live on and the last thing BioWare wants to do is leave a sour taste in the mouths of their most loyal fans, especially after Dragon Age 2 presented a disappointment and the much beloved Knights of the Old Republic series was converted into an MMO that’s losing subscribers.

BioWare admits that the Extended Cut won’t satisfy everyone, but it’ll hopefully meet your expectations. If you’re eager to see how the new endings play out, enjoy the three videos below for the new, extended endings, along with a fourth surprise video for a new option at the end of the game. That’s right – players have a new option in their final choice.

Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Control Ending


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Synthesis Ending



Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Destroy Ending


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut – Refusal Ending


Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut Hidden Refusal Ending


For the extra curious, we’ve compiled a list of everything the extended endings changed in detail. What are your thoughts? Did BioWare succeed on wrapping up loose ends? Should this content have been in the game at launch? Is the ending of the trilogy still a mess or is it exactly the fitting ending it should have?

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