'Mass Effect 3' Ending Has Massive Effect on This Guy's Emotions

Mass Effect 3 Fan Video Response

The hot video game topic of the month sadly dwells on the negative and we're of course referring to the controversy surrounding the conclusion of Mass Effect 3. Many fans - the majority of those who responded to our poll (see below) and who frequent the official BioWare forums - have been let down by how the incredible sci-fi series played out in its final moments.

The disappointed has resulted in a rally to change the ending, a charity for good cause, and responses from BioWare's leadership about addressing the end game content with DLC. It has also resulted in one fan almost subjecting himself to a heart attack (not really).

Meet Francis, a fictional, over-the-top personality of popular YouTube gamer Boogie2988 who has over 100,000 subscribers (and growing). Francis recently beat Mass Effect 3 and needless to say, Francis is upset with how it ended and how he spent his dollars.

Warning: the following video contains a lot of profanity and a lot of anger. It's also funny:


Let's put a stop on the rage train for a moment and watch the serious, composed and authentic response from Boogie which addresses the actual criticism coming from fans who felt let down by Mass Effect 3. This video actually went up to preface the hilarious one up top, but follows the same theme - he's not happy about the final product:


The ending and whether or not DLC will add to or alter the game's ending is still a touchy subject. Many in the industry feel BioWare should keep to their artistic integrity while others feel that BioWare being interactive - as their games are - in striving to offer consumers the best possible experience, is a good thing.

At the moment, BioWare is still gathering fan feedback, but co-founder Ray Muzyka reveals that Casey Hudson and the development team are shaping future DLC in a way that will address many of the questions left hanging by the end of the game, and that we'll learn more about it next month (at PAX East perhaps?).

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Mass Effect 3 is now available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Read our Mass Effect 3 review.


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