BioWare Receives 400 Cupcakes in Response to 'Mass Effect 3' Ending

BioWare Receives 400 Cupcakes Over Mass Effect 3 Ending

Despite coming off as a bit entitled there's no denying that the Mass Effect fan base is one determined bunch. First, fans disappointed by the game's ending rallied together and accumulated some $80,000 in donations that were put towards the Child's Play charity, and now they're getting even more creative.

This new Retake Mass Effect campaign movement involved sending 400 cupcakes to the BioWare offices in Canada. Contained within the bunch would be equal parts red, blue, and green cupcakes each with either the letter A, B, or C on them.

The choice of color and letter is an overt dig at Creative Director Casey Hudson's comments about the variety that exists between the game's "many" endings. It might be a little obvious for anyone that has been following this Mass Effect 3 ending backlash, but it's also quite clever.

Over on the BioWare forums it has been revealed that the organized movement not only has caught BioWare's attention but has also given Fuss Cupcakes, the company that baked and delivered the goods, a considerable amount of publicity.

The hope is that this $1,000 offer of generosity would inspire other fans to send cupcakes to BioWare, in essence overwhelming them with sweetness. Sending food items has been done before for cancelled TV shows like Jericho and Veronica Mars, so why couldn't it work for an extremely popular video game like Mass Effect 3?

Clearly, despite BioWare promising some DLC that would add some closure to the game's ending, fans are disappointed by the developer's approach to a series that has taken some 5 years to complete. It's been a tough road for both sides, but at least things are remaining civil.

Would you be willing to send some cupcakes BioWare's way if it meant they might change Mass Effect 3's ending? Which do you think is a more interesting outlet for fan frustration: the charity/petition or sending cupcakes?

Mass Effect 3 is out now for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: BioWare Forums (via Game Informer)


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