More good news for fans of Mass Effect 3‘s multiplayer, and for those who felt that the online component of the game lacked a certain level of urgency, a possible remedy. The Earth DLC has finally arrived, bringing the fight against the Reaper abominations – or Geth, or Cerberus – to humanity’s home. A threat that massive requires a certain sense of gravity, and the official launch trailer has that covered.

While most weekends since the launch of Mass Effect 3 have brought a multiplayer event of one kind or another, including new character races and objectives, the Earth DLC is the largest to date. Six new character classes, three new stages on Earth itself, and a brand new ‘Platinum’ difficulty are just the dose of new content the game needed, and is available now for free.

Previously released character images and class details revealed that the new types would be modified models of Kai Leng, Kasumi Goto, and others. But the launch trailer shows that they are as committed to defending Earth as any red-blooded human. Complete with a pep talk courtesy of Admiral Anderson, this batch of operatives look prepared to impress through both action and appearance. And we haven’t even gotten to the new weapons and equipment.

Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC Trailer

The trailer puts previous expansions or multiplayer DLC to shame, actually trying to bridge the gap between multiplayer and the main campaign. It’s a wise move on BioWare‘s part, especially with many fans still criticizing the lack of a sense of grandeur in the game’s climactic missions. Seeing Shepard’s crew in an Avengers-esque reveal alongside Admiral Anderson in the thick of the battle would have been nice to see in the campaign, but multiplayer is better than nothing.

When the entire DLC is examined, it’s clear that BioWare had a much greater plan for keeping multiplayer fresh than simple weekend bonuses or perks. We’d like to think that new maps, weapons and classes are in store for the foreseeable future, but ME3‘s producer recently emphasized the team’s plans for singleplayer DLC, relegating multiplayer to a secondary concern.

Players can take the fight to the Reapers in Rio, Vancouver and London immediately, with the Mass Effect 3 Earth DLC available for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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