'Mass Effect 3' DLC Totals $960 Thanks To Xbox 360 Vault

Calibur11 Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Case Vault

When Gears of War 3 came out, it surprised many of us for sneakily including a microtransaction system where players had to pay for measly weapon skins - you know, the stuff that's built into other shooters that we shouldn't have to pay for. The real problem with that money grab attempt was that Epic Games priced each weapon skin at absurdly high amounts, that when combined with the DLC Season's pass cost games a fortune. It was designed only for the rich, so to speak.

For gamers excited for Mass Effect 3, a game we at Game Rant listed as our most anticipated game of the year, to acquire all of the DLC, you will again, have to be rich.

We first heard the ME3 action figures and art book including DLC codes back in January, codes that would add weapons and characters to Mass Effect 3's new Galaxy at War multiplayer mode. Since then, everything Mass Effect related is getting tie-in content which means that for most of us gamers, it may be impossible to get it all. Here's why:

Collector's Edition (needed to obtain all content):

$80 - N7 Collector's Edition

Pre-order bonuses:

AT-12 Raider - Origin pre-order bonusChakram Launcher - Play the Kingdoms of Alamur demoM-55 Argus - Pre-order bonus for select retailersN7 Weapons pack - N7 Edition bonusN7 Hoodie - N7 Edition bonusN7 Warfare Gear - Pre-order bonus for select retailersReckoner Knight Armor - Play the Kingdoms of Alamur demoRobotic Dog - N7 Edition bonusSquad Outfit pack - N7 Edition bonus

Auxiliary purchases:

Unannounced price for the iOS game Mass Effect Infiltrator, which can affect the main game.$10 day one From Ashes DLC$44.99 for the Liara figurine - which oddly enough now comes with multiplayer unlock DLC$24.99 for The Art of Mass Effect Universe - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$80 for four Mass Effect 3 toys - "Slightly randomized" multiplayer unlock DLC$59.99 for the Mass Effect 3 controller - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$209.99 for the Chimera 5.1 Headset - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$34.99 for the Mousepad - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$79.99 for the Messenger Bag - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$24.99 for the iPhone case - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$79.99 for the Mouse - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$139.99 for the Keyboard - Collector Assault Rifle unlock DLC/Powerup$89.99 for the Calibur11 Xbox 360 Vault - Reinforcement DLC [NEW!]

The newest addition is the case vault which we now know comes with a DLC code as well [Click to Enlarge]:

Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Case Vault DLC

Be sure to check out Razer's line of ME3 accessories if you're interested and if you are concerned about all of this, don't worry, BioWare says their DLC plans are "really good." There's even Day 1 DLC that you can pay extra for if you don't have the collector's edition on pre-order!

Hopefully, the above DLC isn't restricted from gamers who've followed the series all along and simply purchase the game - we expect at least some of it to be sold as DLC individually, we just hope the prices aren't ridiculous. Remember when you bought games and it came with everything?

Are you picking up any of the associated merchandise or accessories?

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Sources: Destructoid, Calibur11

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