'Mass Effect 3' Costume DLC Coming to 'Final Fantasy 13-2'

Final Fantasy 13-2 Mass Effect 3 DLC

As if it didn't feel like Mass Effect 3 was invading every part of gamers' lives already, Square Enix has just announced a downloadable costume for Final Fantasy XIII-2 that will be inspired by BioWare's latest sci-fi RPG. It is unknown at this time who the costume will be for, Lightning's sister Serah or new protagonist Noel, but both could fit into some N7 armor nicely.

DLC costumes are nothing new to both Mass Effect 3, which has some costume cross over with Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and Final Fantasy XIII-2, which has already announced a downloadable costume inspired by the Assassin's Creed universe.

It seems like we can't go a few days without another piece of DLC being announced for Final Fantasy XIII-2, even if they are only costume changes for the game's two playable main characters. A collaboration with Mass Effect 3 makes sense for the game, seeing as how it is one of 2012's most anticipated games, but just tossing in a new costume isn't going to do much to inspire interest for Mass Effect fans to pick up Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Though we know that a Mass Effect costume DLC pack is in the works, Square Enix has yet to reveal what the costume(s) will look like, nor how much they will cost or when they might be available.

The further we get past the launch of Final Fantasy XIII-2 the less and less likely it becomes that Square Enix will announce the rumored Lightning side story DLC. At this point it feels like Square Enix would rather subvert fans expectations, give them something like new costumes, rather than deliver what they know the fans want. It might help prolong the life of a title that in and of itself carries no sense of finality, but it inspires little faith in a developer that used to be so in tune with its audience.

Look for more news about this DLC fairly soon, since we expect it to launch on or before the release of Mass Effect 3.

Do you want some Mass Effect 3 costumes for your Final Fantasy XIII-2 characters? How do you feel about costume DLC?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: Siliconera

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