'Mass Effect 3' Will Not Support Cloud Saves on Xbox 360

Mass Effect 3 Will Not Support Cloud Saves

It seems like with every positive (like the new Reputation system) that is revealed in regards to Mass Effect 3, there follows a negative (like the copious amounts of paid DLC) that keeps fans' excitement in an almost neutral state. Sure there are plenty of reasons to get excited about Mass Effect 3, it is the culmination of two game's worth of storylines, but it almost feels like with each passing day BioWare hits us with yet another unfortunate "surprise."

The most recent disappointment that won't affect too many gamers is the news that cloud saves will not be supported by the Xbox 360 version of the game. Cloud saves, a recently introduced feature for Xbox Live, allows gamers to keep their save files in a more easily accessible storage space rather than having to be at the home console at all times.

Unfortunately, perhaps due to BioWare developing Mass Effect 3 before the advent of the cloud save for Xbox, fans are going to have to pull their save files from the cloud and store them on the console they were originally created on. Basically, if you've placed your Mass Effect 2 save file in the cloud, and have since gotten a new Xbox 360, then there's no way of continuing that particular play through.

However anyone that is still in possession of the Xbox 360 that created the save file, or if the ME 2 save file was transferred to a new Xbox using the HD transfer cable, a USB drive, or a memory card is has nothing to fear. It's only those who no longer have the 360 that created the save file, and transferred it to the cloud rather than to a new Xbox, who are out of luck.

The entire situation is a little bit confusing, but thankfully BioWare has broken it down pretty well.

The following scenarios will result in no import functionality.

  1. Moving your save file from the hard drive disc to the cloud.
  2. Moving your save file to another X360 system via the cloud (instead of a memory card or other device).

Solution to scenario 1:

  1. Move your save file from the cloud back onto the hard drive from which it originated, i.e. the X360 you originally created the save file on.

Solution to scenario 2:

  1. Move your save file from the cloud back onto the hard drive from which it originated, i.e. the X360 you originally created the save file on.
  2. Using a memory card, USB stick, or Xbox 360 HDD transfer cable, transfer the save file to the new X360.

It's pretty disappointing to hear that a game that was once an Xbox 360 exclusive is going to cause the most problems on that same console. Obviously BioWare couldn't have anticipated that this situation would arise, and we're sure that they are working on a fix, but there are definitely going to be some devoted fans out there that will be forced to start from scratch. The only plus side is that BioWare writer Mac Walters has said ME 3 will welcome newcomers with open arms, leading us to believe new players will be able to make all of the important decisions before beginning the game.

How do you feel about BioWare not supporting cloud saves for Mass Effect 3? Should something like this have been corrected before the game launched?

Mass Effect 3 releases March 6, 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: EA Help (via Kotaku)


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