'Mass Effect 3' Petition Closes Child's Play Drive

Retake Mass Effect 3 Petition Ends Charity

Though fans out there will continue to remain dissatisfied with the conclusion that BioWare provided for Mass Effect 3, the petition to change said ending will be getting its own satisfactory conclusion, with an added twist of intrigue. After accumulating a wealth of disgruntled fan dollars over the past weeks, primary organizer Robb has announced that the goal of the fundraiser will be capped at $80,000.

For those that don't know, the Child's Play charity drive was started after a group of fans disappointed in how BioWare concluded their Mass Effect series got together and decided to put their petitioning for a better ending to good use. Since then, BioWare has acknowledged many of the complaints regarding the ending, and have even claimed that new DLC for the game will resolve some of those issues.

For those Retake Mass Effect members this seemed like one tick in the win column, and so it was time for the Child's Play charity to come to an end. Or, as it turns out, maybe they were spurned on by Child's Play themselves to cancel the donations.

According to organizer Robb, Child's Play wished to thank all of those who donated and the group that organized the donations, but there was too much confusion surrounding the whole event for Child's Play to let it continue. Chief among Child's Play's concerns were the connections being drawn between the non-profit organization and the Mass Effect 3 backlash. Child's Play was merely the vessel through which disappointed fans were choosing to peacefully distribute their anger, but still the confusion was there.

Project Manager Jamie Dillon (yes, they have a Project Manager) wanted to stress that the decision to close was not "about bowing to pressure from anyone — corporate, individual, or otherwise." It was more about respecting the organization that was allowing these donations to take place, and protecting them from what could be considered a "slippery slope."

Regardless, the fans are getting the closure they wanted and a great charity was able to increase their already impressive tally for 2012, which are both positives in their own way.

Do you think this Mass Effect 3 ending situation played out the way that disappointed fans hoped it would? Now that BioWare has addressed the fans, was it time that the charity closed down?

Source: VG 24/7, Reddit

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