More Incredible 'Mass Effect 3' Fan Art

Mass Effect 3 Art Gallery

Our most anticipated game of 2011 and certainly one of the games we're most looking forward to at E3 2011 is that of Mass Effect 3. Over the last few weeks, BioWare has finally lifted the veil on their upcoming trilogy-closing RPG, and we've laid down all of the details we know about it so far, from stories and combat, to characters and enemies.

You may remember earlier this year, before we started seeing official screenshots of gameplay, some beautiful works of Mass Effect 3 art from Patryk Olejniczak. He and others have put together some more amazing images since then and we wanted to expand our gallery to show you more.

In February, the four breathtaking pieces of fan art included a scarred Commander Shepard, Miranda, Thane and Garrus. In our expanded gallery, we add images of Tali, Kasumi, Grunt and more!

We can't say for sure yet which of these characters are returning for Mass Effect 3 but take a look and pick out your favorite.

[gallery columns="2" exclude="82188"]

Olejniczak's new ones include Kasumi, Grunt and the Shepard wallpaper and are in a world of their own. Every image I've seen done by him has been impressive and are easily the highlights of this gallery. Make sure you check out the first four of his we put up!

Mass Effect 3 releases this November on the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


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