In the same vein of the first game, Mass Effect 2 will receiving a prequel novel that leads up to the events that Commander Shepard will unfold. Drew Karpysyn, author of the previous two Mass Effect novels will also be writing this one as well. The plot? Well, here you go, straight from BioWare:

Retribution is set in the universe fans know well from the video game and novel series, one in which humanity has explored the very farthest reaches of the universe, only to discover the ruthless Reapers, a race bent on extinguishing all organic life. One man is bent on discovering the Reapers’ secrets, the mysterious Illusive Man, the leader of a pro-human, black ops group, Cerberus.

And he’s devised the perfect plan: implant a human subject with Reaper technology in order to study the enemy.He also has the perfect test subject–Paul Grayson, an ex-Cerberus operative. Grayson betrayed Cerberus in order to save his daughter. So when Grayson is kidnapped and made the subject of Cerberus’ evil experiments, the Illusive Man will finally have his revenge…

Mass Effect Retribution Cover (Small)

Now those who played Mass Effect 1 will remember Cerberus as the zealous group who killed Admiral Kohoku after he discovered their secret. It seems like they’re still a little zealous, but they’re trying to stop the extermination of all organic life in the galaxy, so I guess a few casualties of war aren’t so bad, right? Though, at least when you play ME2, you’ll be able to make the decisions on who those casualties might be, and hopefully, one of them will not be Commander Shepard.

I can’t say I have an opinion on video game tie-in novels, but I have heard good things on the Mass Effect and the Halo novels. Would you recommend them?

Mass Effect: Retribution by Drew Karpyshyn is set to release on July 27, 2010.