BioWare Unveils Release Date for PS3 Version of 'Mass Effect 2'

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Release Date

With all the speculation surrounding the recently leaked screen from an upcoming BioWare project, gamers might be forgetting that a very important BioWare title is making its way to the PS3 early next year: Mass Effect 2. In an interview with IGN, BioWare announced that Mass Effect 2 would be making its PS3 debut January 18th.

As previously mentioned, Mass Effect 2 isn’t simply a port of the Xbox 360 version only a year later; it’s much more than that. Not only does the disc pack include all of the released DLC, including Kasumi's Stolen Memory and Lair of the Shadow Broker, but also it ships with an interactive comic to help provide the back-story and tough choices contained within Mass Effect.

Don’t expect the PlayStation 3 version of the game to play or look any different from the 360 version, as members of the BioWare team have said that both are equally powerful machines. What can be expected is for many Xbox owners to feel some jealousy towards the amount of content packed onto the Blu-ray disc, but that’s the nature of these types of ports. Hold out for a Game of the Year edition Xbox owners, that is where you will get your equality.

It took a while for BioWare to finally come around to the dark side (a little Old Republic humor), but now that they have, it benefits a wider audience of gamers. Certainly this doesn’t mean that gamers are looking at a simultaneous release for Mass Effect 3, but stranger things have happened after PlayStation ports.

Mass Effect 2 is a fantastic game, perhaps one of the best from this year. It improved upon the previous game in almost every way and delivered a satisfying mid-point storyline. If there are any gamers out there who are complete Sony loyalists, do yourself a favor and pick up Mass Effect 2 when it releases.

Are there any PS3 gamers out there salivating at the chance of getting your hands on Mass Effect 2? Xbox 360 owners, how do you feel about your exclusive making friends with the enemy?

Mass Effect 2 releases for the PS3 on January 18th in the US and January 21st in the UK.

Source: IGN

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