Mass Effect 2 on PC Added to EA Origin


The video game publisher Electronic Arts makes the PC version of BioWare's science fiction RPG, Mass Effect 2, available for free through its Origin service.

About a couple of weeks ago, Electronic Arts offered Mass Effect 2 as a game that was free to download for Windows PC through Origin, but it was unclear at that point as to whether or not the title was a part of the digital distribution platform's "On the House" promotion. Now, BioWare and Electronic Arts has confirmed that as of now Mass Effect 2 is available for a limited time as a free download through "Origin on the House."

As it currently stands, the standard disc copy of the PC version for Mass Effect 2 will cost $3.97 plus shipping through Amazon, and it can be obtained for $20 as a digital download through Steam, so getting it free through Origin would be the best course of action should one want it now. Of course, it's important to note that in order to take advantage of the free copy, one has to make an Origin account.

Those who have yet to experience Mass Effect 2 and are following through on the Origin deal will be pleased to know that many consider it to be one of the top games of the last generation. With this being the case, being able to retrieve a free copy of the game's PC version is a pretty good deal overall.


In addition to the EA Origin deal for Mass Effect 2 on PC, Xbox One fans can currently enjoy the title on the console due to BioWare making the game available via the system's backward compatible program. As it happens, putting the second and third entries in the franchise on Xbox One was just one gift from BioWare's N7 Day celebration of the Mass Effect series last year, as the studio put out the first cinematic trailer for its forthcoming title Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Speaking of the impending installment in the Mass Effect series, BioWare recently unveiled footage of Andromeda at CES 2017 that showed off a brand new location in the game and provided a solid display of the game’s combat. Not to mention, the developer confirmed the release date of the title for March of this year, which will mark nearly five years in between the launch of Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda.

So, with Mass Effect: Andromeda coming out in a little more than two months from now, PC fans who haven't had a chance to play Mass Effect 2 should give it a go with the free EA Origin promotion in order to get better acquainted with the franchise. After all, it's difficult to argue against getting something for free.

Mass Effect 2 is free on PC for a limited time through Electronic Arts' Origin service.

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