The Mass Effect 2: Genesis interactive comic from BioWare and Dark Horse Comics is now available for download on Xbox Live for about $4 in Microsoft points. The comic was originally created to complement the release of Mass Effect 2 on PS3, since the original Mass Effect never reached Sony’s console.

The comic covers the main plot points of Mass Effect in under 15 minutes and is narrated by Mark Meer or Jennifer Hale (the male and female Commander Shepards). Players (readers?) are able to make choices at key points, such as who to court and the decision to spare or kill squadmate Wrex and the rachni Queen – choices that, of course, have consequences reaching into the sequels.

While some gamers believe this is a last-minute cash grab by BioWare and EA, and while most Xbox owners who are also Mass Effect fans will have already played the original space epic, there are certainly a few stragglers out there who want to save those 25+ hours before diving into Mass Effect 2. The comic also allows those with corrupted or lost save files to remake their choices, and for this ME fan, it was a nice way to summarize events played through years ago (all set to the unique Mass Effect score, and the art from Dark Horse isn’t bad, either).

Whether it’s worth the money or not depends on you, especially when you can find complete videos of the comic online. For our part, we are just looking forward to how those choices – especially how the major rachni and geth plot points from the first two games – will factor into the coming fight with the reapers in Mass Effect 3 in 2012.

Are you among the elusive Xbox audience that Mass Effect 2: Genesis is perfect for, or do you think the comic should be free for all?

Source: Xbox Marketplace