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EA's Origin service is offering PC gamers the chance to download Mass Effect 2 for free, allowing anyone who hasn't done so already to experience Shepard's adventures.

People who have always wanted to play Mass Effect 2 but never had the chance should consider setting up an EA Origin account today: the second installment of the trilogy is currently being given away for free on the electronic service as part of EA's "Origin on the House" promotion. The only requirement for this offer is having Origin installed, meaning the adventures of Commander Shepard are only a few clicks away.

"On the house" is a new campaign by Electronic Arts to bring older games to the masses and to improve the popularity of Origin among gamers. Before putting up Mass Effect 2 and its 60 hours of gameplay, the industry giant offered 1997's Dungeon Keeper for free, allowing a newer generation of players to experience the thrill of tunneling around and being profoundly evil. Currently all titles offered through Origin are PC only, console gamers are sorrowfully out of luck.

The Mass Effect trilogy has been the flagship of EA for several years now, ever since the original came out in 2007. The only real low point for the series came with its conclusion, which forced developer Bioware to change the ending to stave off fans' ire. Maybe because of this mishap, Mass Effect 2 is seen in retrospect as the high point of the series by many, though at the time it was already often mentioned as contender for game of the year 2012.

me2 free origin

It's no wonder: Mass Effect 2 is a great game, thanks to its vibrant setting and memorable cast. The moral choice system that is one of the game's biggest selling points invests the player strongly in Commander Shepard, yet the characters that will likely stick most with players are the members of your team. From sneak thief Kasumi to charming rogue Garrus to the multi-talented Mordin, each one is a well-rounded person with an interesting backstory. That the combat is miles better than in Mass Effect 1 doesn't hurt, either.

The massive popularity of the Mass Effect trilogy led to EA and Bioware quickly announcing a new series set in the same universe. The first installment, called Andromeda, is set to release March 2017 and already has fans gripped with anticipation. As the Milky Way's story is played out, the new game will take place in a freshly colonized galaxy that will feature the same battle-mad Krogans and vile Vorcha, but also give plenty of room to any new opponents and allies Bioware can dream up.

The current offer on Origin to play Mass Effect 2 for free is a wonderful opportunity for gamers to get to know one of the most vibrant game universes to be created yet. Anyone who hasn't played it no longer has any excuse not to.

Mass Effect 2 is currently available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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