New Mass Effect 2 DLC Available Today, The Firepower Pack

Mass Effect 2 Firepower Pack

Today BioWare released their newest in a series of Mass Effect 2 DLC, The Firepower Pack, available on both the PC and Xbox 360. The Firepower Pack aims to gear out your Shepard with all of the galaxy's latest arms. Included in the package are three new weapons: a hand cannon, a heavy rifle and a plasma shotgun. Expect that each of them deal a tad more damage than your typical equipment.Here's the blurb BioWare has shared on their website:

"The Firepower Pack adds three new weapons to Shepard's armor locker: When a "heavy" pistol won't do the job, the Phalanx brings the bang! It hits like a hand cannon and features an integral laser sight for a whole new aiming experience! Ever wanted a sniper rifle without the scope or an assault rifle without the recoil? The Mattock heavy rifle is a hybrid of the two, a semi-auto beast usable by any class with an assault rifle skill! The Geth Plasma Shotgun is a three-barreled monster that creates plasma the right way — on impact! Charge it up for even greater damage, or blast away rapid-fire at longer ranges than normal shotguns!"

The price: Xbox 360: 160 MS Points  ($2.00 US); PC: 160 BioWare Points ($2.00 US). This brings the total number of DLC packs for Mass Effect 2 up to 11, ranging in price from 80 Points ($2.00 US) to 560 Points ($7.00 US).

Though launch day brought free DLC for players, the subsequent cost in dollars can add up quickly - as micro transactions often do - and is something we gaming consumers should be cognizant of, but is the DLC worth the cost?

Like all DLC, this Firepower Pack is something that we gamers want.  Cool new weapons for every occasion - making Commander Shepard even more powerful than before. In the previous DLC, we have been given cool new looks, weapons, even missions - possibly making your Mass Effect 2 game experience entirely different then your friends might be, and that is very enticing indeed.

Worth it? I think if you have the means, the cost is minimal, and the benefit is a lot of fun. Is it for everyone? Well, like most micro-transactions, that is something you need to decide for yourself.  However, if you like the coolest looks, newest toys, and more missions, then the DLC is for you - and The Firepower Pack is no exception.

It is a must have for any player who ever wished that Commander Shepard had just a little bit more 'oomph'.

So head over to the Mass Effect 2 store and get your Phalanx - because who doesn’t need a good hand cannon!

Source: BioWare

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