New Mass Effect 2 DLC Confirmed

Completing the Mass Effect series is probably a common new years resolutions for many gamers. Mass Effect 2 was one of the best titles of 2010 and with the sequel recently announced, it's understandable why many are jumping into the series now. Today BioWare announced that it will be adding more DLC to Mass Effect 2 via the Cerberus Network.

When gamers start up Mass Effect 2 they will notice a new message on their terminal for the Cerberus Network. This message also confirms that the Cerberus Network will end all daily postings on January 24. There will be a week of posts leading up the release of the new DLC and during the two weeks before the launch of Mass Effect 3.

When it comes to downloadable content, BioWare spares no expense. Not only did ME2 fans get a ton of free quality content, the paid add-ons were also top notch. DLC packs including Kasumi's Stolen Memory and Lair of the Shadow Broker add hours of gameplay and new members to Commander Shepard's team as BioWare strives to give gamers a lot for their hard earned cash.

There are no details on the upcoming content we'll be getting in new DLC  however, it has been confirmed there will be DLC to bridge the gap between ME2 and ME3. With no release date given, it's assumed BioWare will give PS3 owners some time after ME2 launches for them on January 18th before making these new packs available.

With players having gained new team members with previous DLC content, it will interesting to see what they do this time around. Could events leading up to Mass Effect 3 could cause Ashley Williams or Kaidan Alenko to return to the Normandy? Fans of the series may even witness the triumphant return of the Mako. The Mako segments of the first ME weren't popular with many players who spent hours driving aimlessly on plents looking for minerals, though BioWare has proven with Mass Effect 2 that they listen to the fans and could make the Mako a fun addition to the new Normandy.

What kind of content do you want to see in the new DLC for Mass Effect 2?

Source: Destructoid

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