Mass Effect 2: First 'Arrival' DLC Screenshot Released

Mass Effect 2 DLC Arrival Screenshot Released

Well, the wait is finally over. Details have been scarce on the incoming Mass Effect 2 DLC, but now BioWare has given us a brand new screenshot to make the wait that much more torturous. The DLC is called 'The Arrival,' and aside from some basic plot points, we don't know how the story will fit into that of Commander Shepard's war against the Reapers. The image may not be what people have expected, but it will certainly get the creative minds among us racing through possible meanings.

The PS3 trophies for 'The Arrival' seem to hint that a character, any character, may be forced to make the ultimate sacrifice, but so far the series has taught us that a death could mean any number of different things.

We do know that the content will revolve around one Dr. Amanda Kenson, up to her eyeballs in a scientific experiment to uncover proof of the Reapers' existence. With all of humanity blissfully ignoring the Reaper threat, it would seem that not everyone thinks that Commander Shepard's accounts are without merit.

From the image Bioware has released on their Facebook page, though, Dr. Kenson may have gotten herself into more than she bargained for. Have a look for yourself at the screenshot, and see what conclusions you can draw:

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From the screenshot, it would appear that Dr. Kenson has found her way into the role of prisoner, or is experimenting with human test subjects herself. If the restrained woman in the image is Dr. Kenson, then that raises a few questions about the possible sacrifices that need to be made.

Will Shepard have to choose whether to leave her behind or save her? Will Shepard need to volunteer one of the Normandy's crew to take Kenson's place in exchange for the information she's gained on the Reapers?

The plot of the Mass Effect novels has included references to the Reapers taking over human specimens, so the image above isn't totally out of place in the world of the game. Even though few details were gleaned from our interview with BioWare's Christina Norman, it's already clear that the hype-train for Mass Effect 3 has officially left the station.

The developer included the message that 'The Arrival Has Begun' inside Dragon Age 2 boxes, so it would seem that the DLC will be bridging the gap between the second and third games in some way.

Could the DLC be referring to the Reaper invasion of Earth? We have some suspicions about what the invasion will entail, but BioWare has posted a message with the image revealing that if it gains 750,000 'impressions' a new screen will be released.

Does the new image give you any ideas of what to expect from the DLC? Could BioWare really be offering game-changing decisions along with it?

Mass Effect 2 is available now, but 'The Arrival' DLC has yet to receive an official release date.

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