Two More 'Mass Effect 2: The Arrival' Screens; DLC Releasing this Month?

Mass Effect 2 Arrival Screens and Release Date

Since the extremely vague first screen of the Mass Effect 2 DLC Episode, The Arrival, there have been two more screens released. One, like the first screen, that brings up more questions than it answers and one that shows off a new location.

While gamers might be surprised to see a game like Mass Effect 2 receive new DLC so late after its release, it’s worth pointing out that PS3 gamers didn't get their hands on the title until this January and have most likely blown through all of the pre-loaded DLC by now.

Obviously, the hope is that with The Arrival, BioWare is going to be bridging the gap between the second and third games, while at the same time providing new and exciting content that works as a standalone mission. Certainly the first screen shown seems to indicate that BioWare is playing around with textures and environmental effects, but it’s the second screen that will be receiving the most attention.

Any time a developer puts a ticking clock into a screen or trailer, it is usually a sign that something big, and much more revelatory, is on the way. No one can say at this time what that is, but based on the trophies that were discovered for the episode we assume it has something to do with the amount of time Shepard must hold off a wave of enemies.

See if you can find any clues in the screens below:

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Of course, we could be wrong, but with what is  potentially the last piece of DLC rumored to be releasing near the end of this month, March 29th to be exact, gamers can expect to get a more in-depth look very soon. For now let’s just mull over these screens until we have uncovered every nuance and detail.

What do you think the countdown in the screen is… counting down to? How would you like to see this DLC figure into the larger story of the Mass Effect series?

Mass Effect 2 "The Arrival" is rumored to be releasing March 29, 2011 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: EurogamerVG247

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