Marvel's Avengers Release Window Revealed?

marvel's avengers release window revealed?

After years of anticipation, Square Enix is finally pulling the curtain back on Marvel's Avengers at its E3 2019 press conference on June 10. And while a more specific release date announcement could come at E3, in the meantime, Square Enix may have revealed the release window for Marvel's Avengers.

In its latest financial report, Square Enix reveals that it plans to "unveil the details of our major new HD games for FY2020/3." It then goes on to say that "out of consideration of competitor release schedules, our major launches will take place after midyear of FY2020/3." Since Marvel's Avengers is one of the games that Square Enix has confirmed will be at E3 2019, it's not a reach to assume that the game is aiming for a FY2020/3 release. This means that the release window for Marvel's Avengers is quite likely October 2019 - March 2020.

The note that the "major launches will take place after midyear of FY2020/3" seems to suggest that the game will likely not launch in 2019, though. A more likely scenario is that Marvel's Avengers will be available in the first half of 2020, perhaps in February or March. With Marvel's Avengers not specifically listed by Square Enix, it's hard to pinpoint a more exact release date for the game.

marvel's avengers release window revealed?

While a release date announcement for Marvel's Avengers may or may not come at E3 2019, we can at least count on some official gameplay details. We know from an E3 Coliseum listing that Marvel's Avengers has 4-player co-op, hero customization, and persistent online features. This has led many to come to the conclusion that the game will be similar to online live-service games like Destiny or The Division 2.

A clearer vision of Marvel's Avengers should come during Square Enix's E3 2019 press conference on June 10, which begins at 6:00pm PT. It's then that we should learn if there was every any truth to the various rumors floating around about the game, like if Ms. Marvel will be a central character, for example.

We should also learn whether Marvel's Avengers is aiming for current- or next-gen consoles. If the October 2019 - March 2020 release window is accurate, then a current-gen release for the game seems more likely, but fans will just have to wait for Square Enix's E3 2019 press conference on June 10 to be sure.

Marvel's Avengers is in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: Square Enix

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