Rumor: Marvel's Avengers 'Leak' Details Main Protagonist, World Design, and More

marvel's avengers leak

Yesterday, it was confirmed that Marvel's Avengers, a forthcoming title being developed by Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal, will indeed be shown during the Square Enix E3 2019 presentation. With the expo less than two weeks away, fans do not have much longer to wait before they will get this first official look at Marvel's Avengers at E3 2019, but a supposed Marvel's Avengers "leak" purports to offer new details about the game in preface of Square's conference.

To note, this Marvel's Avengers leak originated on ResetEra, a popular forum for video game discussion, from a user that implies that they have a contact connected to the game. As such, the new Marvel's Avengers leak should certainly be approached with skepticism for the time being.

With that established, the leak indicates that Kamala Khan, Ms. Marvel, is the Marvel's Avengers central protagonist. Indeed, it is stated that all players will begin Marvel's Avengers with Ms. Marvel, and she will act as "a driving force for the game's narrative." While the leaker does not provided many further details on what the Marvel's Avengers story will be, they do suggest that Ms. Marvel plays an "integral role" in reassembling the Avengers, who have been "disbanded for a while."

marvel's avengers leak

That said, the leaker assures fans that they need not worry about only playing as Ms. Marvel, as "all prominent Avengers heroes will be playable throughout." It is stated that these heroes will form teams in Marvel's Avengers and that Ms. Marvel, Iron Man, and Hulk will be a team early in the game.

Furthermore, it is claimed that the game can be played solo, with AI controlling additional team members, or cooperatively with friends, a setup that allows each individual hero to be controlled by a player. This information is seemingly in line with the Marvel's Avengers E3 Coliseum description, lending some credence to the leak.

The Marvel's Avengers leak goes on to claim that the game has a "Kingdom Hearts-like" level design, featuring multiple large worlds rather than a single, continuous map. It is also stated that a "Crashed Hellicarrier" will act as the main hub for the heroes.

marvel's avengers leak

The leak closes by addressing Marvel's Avengers loot. Specifically, it is stated that Marvel's Avengers is not like a looter shooter, where players focus on obtaining gear of varying rarities. Instead, it is said that "everything is mostly powers based," with character skill tress seemingly acting as an avenue for progression.

Again, none of this information should be considered confirmed at this time, and it can be classified alongside a previous rumor about the Marvel's Avengers combat for now. Fortunately for those that are excited to see details from this Marvel's Avengers leak verified, the Square Enix E3 2019 presentation may clear up a lot of this in short order.

Marvel’s Avengers is in development for unspecified platforms.

Source: RestEra

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