Marvel's Avengers: How 4-Player Co-Op Works

marvel's avengers co-op

At E3 2019, developer Crystal Dynamics finally showcased its forthcoming action-adventure title, Marvel's Avengers. However, other than the reveal that Marvel's Avengers is a loot-based game with gear customization, not much was said concerning the gameplay and 4-player co-op element of the game until the game's official E3 Coliseum panel.

Several developers took to the stage where the two aforementioned elements were discussed to some detail, though a full-length explanation of either wasn't exactly provided. Concerning Marvel's Avengers gameplay, the developer stated that its goal was to make each character feel unique, as if the game itself was tailored to that specific character when exploring the narrative campaign. Iron Man's flight and the ability of Hulk to potentially pick up two enemy combatants were examples provided of this.

Each character will have their own gadgets and traversal methods in order to stand out, work together, and unlock the aforementioned skills. This comes into play with Marvel's Avengers 4-player co-op mechanic, as it was confirmed that only one hero could be played within any one team. Those hoping for a team of differently-geared Hulks will find that this is not a possibility.

The four-player co-op element is weaved into the storyline, as Crystal Dynamics promises that story is the heart of Marvel's Avengers, but co-op play is not locked to story progress. Players will be able to jump in and out of co-op, level up characters in and out of co-op play, but those interested in main-ing one specific character will not be punished for that either. The latter doesn't appear to be in the best interest of fans, though, as it was confirmed that all post-launch Marvel characters will be free.

marvel's avengers co-op

One final question concerning Marvel's Avengers gameplay was whether the game classified as a live-service game. Crystal Dynamics shot this down but stated that it would likely have similar elements, yet stopped short on clarifying that in its entirety. More gameplay and co-op details will likely be revealed before the game's May 2020 release date, but for those who wanted to see more gameplay in the E3 trailer, these newly-announced details will have to suffice.

Marvel’s Avengers releases May 15, 2020, for Google Stadia, PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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