Marvel's Avengers Details Heroics and Captain America's Abilities

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Recently, Marvel's Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics revealed a Captain America trailer that was a huge spoiler and has continued to show more about the star-spangled hero since. The latest reveal comes in the form of a new gameplay mechanic called Heroics and how these new mechanics work with Captain America. Specifically, Heroics are combat maneuvers associated with each character's unique playstyle and combo system.

Each Avenger has three Heroic tactics: a support, an assault, and an ultimate, with each meant to be unique to the character. These special abilities in Marvel's Avengers operate on a cooldown timer and are pretty much self-explanatory. Support passively benefits the player and/or the team, Assaults are designed to deal damage, and Ultimates are impressive, yet likely varying, abilities.

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Captain America's support ability see his leadership role pan out, as every target he hits becomes a market target. Any player who damages a marked target deals increased damage and gets a little bit of health regeneration in Marvel's Avengers. His assault ability sees him throw his shield, which will automatically ricochet and hit up to 5 targets. Not only will this do some damage, but it'll also stun every enemy it hits.


His ultimate ability is dubbed Brooklyn Brawl (seen above) and sees Captain America slam his shield into the ground, creating a shockwave so powerful that it sends nearby enemies flying. After activation, Captain America's attack, impact, and defense stats will also receive a slight boost. Moreover, it's worth adding that these abilities can be tweaked thanks to Marvel's Avengers loot system that allows players to further tailor characters to their style. How extensive this is remains to be seen, but hopefully, it'll take the game to the next level.

It seems likely that Crystal Dynamics will reveal the Heroics for other Avengers, like Hulk or Black Widow, in the months to come, and it'll be interesting to see how these affect gameplay. For now, here's everything known so far about Marvel's Avengers.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020, for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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Source: Marvel's Avengers - Twitter

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