Marvel's Avengers: Every Heroic Character Ability Revealed So Far

Not too long ago, Marvel's Avengers developer Crystal Dynamics revealed its Heroic abilities and detailed exactly what those entailed. One major goal for the game is to have each character play faithfully to the said character and distinct from everyone else, making Captain America feel like a super soldier and Iron Man feel like a high-tech character. This is done through various mechanics, but Heroics is one that every character has in common, even if the associated abilities differ in Marvel's Avengers.

Heroics are three abilities operating on a cooldown timer that every character has: Support, Assault, and Ultimate. Support abilities are designed to benefit the whole team in some regard, Assault abilities are designed to deal damage, and Ultimate abilities are meant to showcase the strength and role of the character. Marvel's Avengers will be receiving free DLC characters post-launch who will have their own Heroic abilities, but the launch characters will do the same.

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Another cool detail regarding these Heroic abilities is how they can be modified and changed based on the loot in Marvel's Avengers. There's not much known besides this, but considering how this is a loot-based game, it seems likely that players will be able to tailor their abilities to their liking throughout the game.

As of this initial writing, only two heroes have had their Heroic abilities detailed: Captain America and the Hulk. Captain America takes on a leadership role with his abilities, as well as that of a frontline fighter, whereas Hulk is meant to be the destructive force that he is. When new Heroic abilities for Marvel's Avengers, this article will be updated to reflect that.

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Captain America's Heroic Abilities

captain america costume detailed

Support - Every target that Marvel's Avengers Captain America hits becomes a 'marked target.' Any other play who damages these targets deal increased damage to them and will get a little bit of health regeneration.

Assault - His assault ability sees him throw his shield, which will then ricochet and hit up to 5 enemies automatically. This will deal some damage to each enemy, as well as stun them temporarily.

Ultimate - Dubbed Brooklyn Brawl, Captain's Americas ultimate is a ground slam with his shield that creates a shockwave that sends nearby enemies flying back. This ability will also buff his attack, impact, and defense stats for a short time.

The Hulk's Heroic Abilities

marvel's avengers the hulk

Support - Hulk's Heroic abilities begin with a support known as Boneshaker and sees Hulk rapidly slam his fists into the ground in order to taunt nearby enemies. The ability draws aggro and buffs Hulk's defensive strength while also giving teammates their own buff.

Assault - Gamma Rush sees Hulk becomes a human battering ram, rushing through a group of enemies. During this move, Hulk grabs the very first enemy, holds him the entire time, and slams him into the ground at the end for massive damage and a staggering effect on nearby enemies.

Ultimate  - Hulk's most powerful attack is the Thunderclap and sees the green giant create a concussive force wave by clapping. All nearby enemies are pushed away, opening up a path for Hulk to attack.

Iron Man's Heroic Abilities

Iron Man's Heroic abilities have yet to be revealed.

Thor's Heroic Abilities

marvel's avengers thor screenshot

Thor's Heroic abilities have yet to be revealed.

Black Widow's Heroic Abilities

Black Widow's Heroic abilities have yet to be revealed.

Ant-Man's Heroic Abilities

marvel's avengers ant-man

Ant-Man's Heroic abilities have yet to be revealed.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020, for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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