Marvel's Avengers Could Add Hawkeye

marvel's avengers teases hawkeye

One of the most anticipated video games headed into E3 2019 was undoubtedly Marvel's Avengers, the long-gestating project from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. It was revealed at E3 2019 that the main lineup of heroes in Marvel's Avengers will be Black Widow, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor, with Hawkeye noticeably absent.

Fans took note of this, and immediately the Internet was having Avengers: Infinity War flashbacks, as there was quite a hubbub about Hawkeye being left out of that film as well. However, for those worried that Hawkeye won't have at least some kind of appearance in Marvel's Avengers, Marvel Games VP and Creative Director Bill Rosemann has suggested otherwise.

Responding to fan concern about Hawkeye's absence in Marvel's Avengers, Rosemann took to Twitter to reassure fans that Hawkeye hasn't been forgotten about. "Stay tuned, True Believers!" he said.

It's unclear what exactly this means. It's possible that Hawkeye will be a part of the main lineup of playable heroes, but that his debut is being saved for a later date. Alternatively, this could be a sign that Hawkeye won't be a playable hero and will instead just play a role in the story. It seems that Hank Pym's Ant-Man will be such a character, though that also remains to be seen at this time.

Another possibility is that Hawkeye is being reserved for Marvel's Avengers multiplayer mode. Marvel's Avengers will add new heroes and areas for free, and so there's a distinct possibility that Hawkeye could be added to the game at some point after launch.

At this point, it's far too early to tell just what Hawkeye's role in Marvel's Avengers will be, but Rosemann's tweet does seem to suggest that he will be in the game in some capacity. With Marvel's Avengers not due out until 2020, it may be quite some time before we learn exactly how Hawkeye will be featured in the game.

Marvel's Avengers will launch on May 15, 2020 for PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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