Marvel's Avengers Dev Discusses Co-Op Warzones Mode

marvels avengers 4-player co-op

Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics continue to share more and more information about Marvel's Avengers week-to-week. Recently information regarding each Avenger's unique abilities and playstyles have been shared. Having now established the gameplay of the individual Avengers in Marvel's Avengers, the team is ready to move on to discussing the dynamics of the Avengers when working together. It's ready to discuss Marvel's Avengers co-op Warzones mode and how it intersects with single-player.

Warzones in Marvel's Avengers a 4-player cooperative missions in which players can pick their favorite Avengers hero to play. Crystal Dynamics studio head Scot Amos recently spoke to PlayStation about how Warzones fit into Marvel's Avengers. According to Amos, Warzones will be a role-based cooperative experience. Amos provides examples, citing Thor as a "crowd control" character, Iron Man as an airborne ranged character, and that the Hulk "leads from the front."

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Atmos also describes how Warzones mode will mesh with Marvel's Avengers' otherwise single-player focused game. Through single-player and its Heroic Missions, players will be able to level up their favorite Avengers characters. Warzone Missions will allow players to bring over their leveled-up characters to play with friends. Crystal Dynamics has even implemented a dynamic scaling system so that players, no matter their character's level, can do missions together. "And it won't feel unbalanced," Scot claims.

Scot doesn't have any further details about cooperative play in Marvel's Avengers, unfortunately. However, he does imply that players will be earning "perks and upgrades" in single-player to bring to multiplayer. Exactly what players will be earning in multiplayer, then, is particularly interesting to consider. Marvel's Avengers mission structure and the distance between its single-player and multiplayer is still the most intriguing aspect of the game, other than its roster of playable characters, of course.

The more that Crystal Dynamics describes and shows of Marvel's Avengers, the more it's starting to sound like a big-budget take on Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Of course, there's a different gameplay structure at work, but at the heart of the game remains a core progression system based around characters. And it's those characters and players' freedom to choose them and to play as them that Crystal Dynamics is working to provide and embolden. The story and the missions are just opportunities for players to further explore those characters.

That's clearly been everything players want from Marvel Ultimate Alliance. Hopefully, it's received well in Marvel's Avengers, too.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15, 2020 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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