Marvel's Avengers Shares Close Look at Captain America and His Costume

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The Marvel's Avengers' Twitter account has revealed a closer look at Captain America's outfit in the upcoming game, and it takes influences from his militaristic roots. The outfit looks keen to set itself apart from the popular film franchise.

Since Crystal Dynamics revealed the E3 footage for Marvel's Avengers to the public, it has begun outlining its versions of the franchise's popular characters. The company has released a steady drip of details about the game since the trailer reveal, and the latest gives fans a close-up look at The First Avenger himself: Captain America.

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Steve Rogers, the man behind Captain America, has roots in the military. The character became a super soldier in World War II before getting frozen in ice and waking up in the modern day. The various takes on the character over the years have played with his military background, some leaning into it more than others. While the films have taken an overall more slimmed down and sleek approach, Marvel's Avengers seems to lean heavily into the combat look.

The outfit features blue body armor adorned with the character's signature logos and patriotic detailing. It also has very traditional military combat boots, chest armor that looks similar to kevlar, and pads on the shoulders and arms. The whole outfit feels bulky and makes Rogers look more like a soldier than a superhero. This matches with Captain America's combat style in Avengers.

The character model has a lot of little intricate details that add to the realism. All of the straps and clasps on the helmets and pads look technically accurate, and on his back, Steve's outfit has a brown label that says "Rogers." Even the shield looks much more detailed than its film and comic counterparts. It features a much larger star and some texture that makes it look more substantial, like it will truly make an impact when Captain America throws it around in Avengers. The thread attached to the Tweet gives some behind-the-scenes information about the design:

The marketing for Marvel's Avengers has put a focus on Captain America, but now that they have shown his abilities, outfit, and gameplay, they might move on to some of the other characters. According to the Avengers footage so far, players will also play as Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, and Black Widow, which leaves plenty of characters for them to detail in the lead-up to the release in the middle of next year. In the mean time, fans can pick apart every detail of Captain America's excellent costume.

Marvel's Avengers releases May 15 on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

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