Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Trailer Reveals Captain America, Morrigan


During the Capcom Cup, a extended gameplay trailer for the recently announced Marvel vs Capcom Infinite reveals the additions of Morrigan and Captain America to the roster.

After weeks of speculation and denials from Capcom developers, the latest entry in the long running and popular crossing over fighting series  was finally revealed during the annual PlayStation Experience event. Known as Marvel vs Capcom Infinitefans got their first look at Iron Man, Ryu, Mega Man X, and Captain Marvel all fighting it out. While the community continues to guess at the other characters in the game, Capcom revealed two new additions to the roster in an extended gameplay trailer.

As seen on the official Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel, the same gameplay trailer that originally excited the crowd just a day before is shown again, only this time with another thirty seconds to reveal Captain America and Morrigan from the Darkstalkers franchise. Both characters are Versus veterans as Morrigan joined the franchise in the very first Marvel vs Capcom while Captain America goes even further back with Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. 

Longtime fans will immediately be familiar with the pair as both appear to have moves taken from previous games in the franchise. Captain America retains his shield slash and charging star moves, with the latter ability also being one of his super moves. Morrigan on the other hand appears to be a speedier character, favoring quick hits leading into a super that sees her duplicate herself to land some devastating blows.


While there's still a ton players don't know about the title, Capcom also revealed at PlayStation Experience 2016 that Marvel vs Capcom Infinite brings the series back to 2v2 fighting, and is set to offer a bunch of single player content, such as an arcade mode and story campaign, along with online multiplayer. Infinity gems, which have not been seen in the series since Marvel Super Heroes, are another big feature that let players enhance themselves for a short time. The bonus granted is based on the stone used, so Time makes players faster, Power grants attack strength and so on.

Speculation over the final roster continues to be a hot topic for the community, with the big rumor hinting that X-Men related characters may get snubbed in favor of characters from the current Marvel Cinematic Universe. This would be quite a departure for the series, as characters like Wolverine, Magneto, and many others have been staples of the franchise since it started.

For now though, Sony and Capcom are making the long wait for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite just a little easier, as the companies announced over the weekend that Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is now available on the PlayStation 4.

What did you think of the big reveal this past weekend and who else do you think is going to make the roster? Feel free to speculate in the comment section below.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite launches later in 2017 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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