As the roster for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite continues to grow, fans appear to have more or less already figured out what the final lineup of fighters for the game will look like courtesy of files found within the title’s Story Demo. As fight aficionados await news on the all-in character selection that’ll be shipping with the final game, Capcom has pulled back the curtain on the returning Ghost Rider through a new variant cover of Marvel’s The Defenders.

Despite being an expected addition by Marvel vs Capcom Infinite fans, many are still keen to see how well the demonic biker holds his own against a handful of newcomers – as well as how his inclusion will impact the story itself. Of course, dedicated MvC players are probably eager to see if significant changes have been implemented into the moveset of Ghost Rider, and apparently they’ll be able to get a glimpse of just that at Gamescom later this August.

Ghost Rider joins the recently confirmed Firebrand and Dormammu, both of which have also yet to be shown off in-game in any form. As a result, it’s looking like Gamescom may be home to several gameplay reveals for Infinite, although only Ghost Rider has been confirmed so far for the big gaming event in Cologne, Germany. With that said, there are a number of additional fighters (both new and old) that fans are hoping to see in action sooner rather than later.

Meanwhile, characters like Black Panther and Sigma only make up one-third of the six planned DLC characters coming to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and the final list of fighters available at launch hasn’t even been confirmed yet. Suffice it to say, things should pick up quite a bit for followers of the game as the weeks slowly falls way in the lead up to its release in September.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is set to arrive for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 19, 2017.